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We are a community of professional 3D animators that teamed up under ANOMALIA (organised by Prague production company 3BOHEMIANS).

During summer 2014 we produced the CG animated short film „POUTNÍK“ together with Keith Lango, director and entrepreneur in CG animation.

Welcome to the site where we showcase our collaborative art.

You won’t believe this is not a 2D film!

Our vision

CG animation is no longer limited to just the expensive PIXAR style. The tools enable the animation artists to engage in Research & Development of new styles and find solutions that fit very tight conditions and budgets that many animation productions struggle with. Poutník short film embodied the goal to train and support the independent artists to become liberated from expensive details and heavy duty production demands. Keith Lango has developed his unique 3D solution for such low budget projects driven by performance, acting and production efficiency.

Collaborative art

Modern animation is a collaborative art which requires not only talent, skills and an experience of an individual artist, but on top of that also solid understanding and passion for team collaboration and responsible decision-making. Thanks to the technical solution and ingenious directing method provided by Keith, the animators were granted authorship over their shots and, therefore, became free to explore multiple acting choices in real time and in direct and personal collaboration with the director himself.


ANOMALIA is a TOP 20 BEST International training platform which systematically merges continuing education and production development in order to boost professionalism, leadership and advanced art skills of the participating artists. This short film gave the team of animators a chance to work on a project which was cooked up from various artistic and directing methods as well as multiple animation and live-action techniques combined together.


We invite best professional supervisors and directors from the most successful studios. Their passion for sharing and directing teams renders the collaborative experience truly one-of-its-kind. Their leadership serves as the best method known to men to achieve professionalism in the craft via playful and intensive means in the sense of "school of play". These long term values are achieved only via such team Work and Study Experience.

The film

Before you can start developing great projects, it is good to set up a dedicated environment, collaborative mindset and solid planning to follow. But most importantly, make sure you have the right people.


What if you never knew you were lost? Would you know the way home if you saw it?



The total number of professionals participating on the film, which was co-produced in USA, Czech Republic and Germany.


Animation team

This number is a size of a low budget feature film production with one animation director. The crew worked hard in only two weeks to make the film possible.


Steinregen Dubsystem

Amazing team of talented musicians who developed and produced the original soundtrack to the film in collaboration with Keith Lango and his direction.


Rigging DoJo

Technical directors (TDs) have taken upon the challenge and performed RnD of the rigging system which allowed them to rig dozens of characters on the fly under the technical principles set for the style by Keith Lango.

Message from Keith Lango

Keith Lango has worked on icons of childhood (Mickey Mouse & GI Joe), singing vegetables, space traveling penguins, Oscar nominated films, commercials, top tier game cinematics and features. Along the way he has made a few short films. He is also one of the best mentors of animators, and his tutorials that are internationally known & utilized. Before there was any accredited training program in the world, Keith was already a dedicated trainer of the first generation of CG animators using online video tuts. If you are an Animator you need to know this guy! His experience stretches from studios such as Big Idea, Ree FX, DNA Productions, Blur Studio, and currently Keith is at Valve in Seattle.

Behind the Scenes

Research and Development (RND) as well as a short film production is basically a true proof of concept - trying out new things and making mistakes to learn from today, so we can achieve greater results tomorrow.

Meet our team


David Toušekexecutive producer
Marek Toušekproducer
Keith Langoproducer
Grischa KursaweMusic producer
Jonathan ZieglerMusic producer

Director and author

Keith Langodirector

CG animators

David ToušekCG animator
Matthias ParchettkaCG animator
Paul SmithCG animator
Payne SigmundCG animator
Ruaraidh GilliesCG animator
Iván SarosáczCG animator
Victor EscardoCG animator
Jonas SchildCG animator
Tom StockingerCG animator
Gabriela PopovCG animator
Michaela JindraCG animator
Milosz WlazloCG animator
Kosta PetrouCG animator
David SvobodaCG animator
Milan OndruchCG animator
Szymon WolskiCG animator
Alessandro SeveriniCG animator
Irene LopezCG animator
Arno FranzlCG animator
Manfred RagossnigCG animator
Agata StaszczukCG animator
Niels Andersen DolmerCG animator

CG riggers

Jeff BrodskyTD supervisor
David SvobodaTD
Duncan RuddTD
Harris WuTD
Jamie BlythTD
Julian OberbeckTD
Karumbaiah K GTD
Richard MaegakiTD


Tyler Welker2D animator
Kosta Petrou2D animator

Music and sound

André HauerMusician
Florian TrittmacherMusician
Grischa KursaweMusician
Jonathan ZieglerMusician
Rebekka ZieglerMusician
Yannick MänteleMusician
Corentin RestifGuest musician (accordion)
Ferdinand WeinbergerGuest musician (tabla)
Franz SchüsseleGuest musician (fujara, conch horn)
Smiljana NikolicGuest musician (flute)
Arsen LivesSound
Hans TwiteSound
Grischa KursaweSound
Keith LangoSound
Lukas AuerGuest musican (drums)
Benedikt AbertMusician

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Animation production

3Bohemians is a production company focused on 3D animated projects for advertisements, shorts, serials and feature films. It draws on the expertise and experience of a professional team of character animators (3D) which it provides with artistic and managerial leadership in development and production. 



For the past 9 years, 3BOHEMIANS alias Bohemian Multimedia has become provider of professional training in 3D animation under the name ANOMALIA to support regional talent pool by increasing quality and expertise of 3D character animation, future filmmaking and modern storytelling. Young professional CG animators and artists are trained in modern craft of 3D character animation by invited professional supervisors from studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky, Lucas Arts, Aardman Animations, VALVE and others.

ANOMALIA is a professional animation training in 3D animation focusing on key skills in contemporary modern culture which to a high degree defines its identity through the production of animated pictures in not only games, films and TV-programs, but soon to come, all kinds of visual art for cross media based production; any kind of moving pictures that can be shown on any size screen.

ANOMALIA training

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